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TYPES L 20 deH, F 20 dH
TYPES R 50 deH, R 100 deH, 100 deH

These two series of classical, yet innovatively developed and uniquely powerful light fittings for use in hazardous areas have layed the base for MAX MUELLER's success in this field. Their robust design, the variety of fixation modes and the important range of options make them a sophisticated tool to light out all kind of process equipment, even for very demanding applications. The 100 deH type with 100 W power is actually the most powerful halogen type vessel light fitting classified in T4 available on the market.

On sightglasses and sightflow indicators from DN 50 on upwards, depending on series and fixation mode.

4 mounting systems for use with sightglasses to DIN 28120 / 28121 or similar, for the traditional two port situation.

Corrosion resistant aluminium high integrity castings for housings and fixation pieces
- Built-in reflectors of highly polished aluminium alloy

- Wattages from 20 to 100 W
- Voltages from 12 V to 240 V, with or without internal transformer
All above indications depending on series and type.

IP67, dust tight and protected against the effects of temporary immersion

- Ex d e IIC T3 ... T5 Gb (depending on series and type)
- Ex t IIIC T195°C ... T95°C Db IP67
- Ex II 2 G + D
- ATEX equipment protection level (EPL): Gb (zones 1 and 2) and Db (zones 21 and 22)

- Built-in double safety switch to cut supply automatically for safe bulb change
- Housing painted with Acryl based colour
- Transport handle
- Silent blocks (only with fixation "Z", not for type 100 deH)
- Supply cable
For types L 20 deH / F 20 dH additionally:
- Opal glass screen to prevent blinding effects
- Diffusing screen for extra wide light beam
- Internal timers for action on the light or for remote action
- Device for momentary illumination (only for type L 20 deH)

- External timer in Macrolon housing
- Sightglasses for PN 0 (leightweight version), to or similar to DIN 28120, to DIN 28121, similar to DIN 11851, sightflow indicators, rectangular or D-ended sightglasses and their accessories

Light fitting type L 20 deHVsp

CHEMLUX sightglass light fitting type L 20 deHVsp, 20 W, 240 V, Ex d e IIC T5 Gb, Ex t IIIC T95°C Db IP67, Ex II 2 G + D, fitted with timer type "V" on the light

Light fitting type 100 deHN

CHEMLUX sightglass light fitting type 100 deHN, 100 W, 24 V, Ex d e IIC T4 Gb, Ex t IIIC T130°C Db IP67, Ex II 2 G + D, fitted by footring fixation "N" on a VETROLUX sightglass to DIN 28120, DN 100